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This report looks at two black sand mining projects in Fiji - the Ba Ironsands Project operated by Australian company Amex Resources Limited, and the proposed Sigatoka Ironsands Project, operated by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian company Dome Gold Mines Limited. The report finds that the projects lack a social licence to operate and raise serious environmental questions and concerns.

The report calls on the companies to halt any further development of the black sand mining operations at Ba and Sigatoka until each community has been fully informed about the project, including potential environmental impacts, and has given Free, Prior and Informed Consent. It also calls for new robust assessment of current and potential environmental impacts in both projects.

Correction: report was updated on 15 June 2021 to clarify the Archdiocese of Suva awareness tour in Votua took place in 2018, rather than 2017. On 13 July 2021 the report was updated to remove the reference to a house falling into the river in the Ba delta. This information was included in the original report based on a community account, but additional information was later provided that suggested this may have occurred prior to the mining operation commencing.


A Line in the Sand - Executive Summary (2021).pdf
A Line in the Sand (2021).pdf